Blood Pressure Cuffs Market value of ~US$ 149 Mn by 2030

Growing Prevalence of Hypertension in Low Income Countries Presents Significant Opportunities

Hypertension is a global problem that continues to be one of the leading causes of premature death worldwide. The prevalence of hypertension is the highest in low to middle income countries in Africa and Asia Pacific, owing to lack of awareness related to the symptoms, long-term effects of the condition, and scarcity of healthcare facilities in these regions. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 1.13 billion people had hypertension in 2015. The WHO also revealed that ~40% of the global population have high blood pressure, due to which the demand for effective and accurate blood pressure monitoring devices has witnessed an exponential growth across the world. The ascending demand for blood monitoring devices has directly influenced the growth of the blood pressure cuffs market, which is expected to reach ~US$ 289 Mn by 2027.

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Due to the growing prevalence of hypertension worldwide, significant efforts are being made to overcome various challenges related to the treatment of hypertension within the healthcare system worldwide. For instance, the WHO collaborated with the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to launch the Global Hearts Initiative to assist governments in preventing cardiovascular diseases. These initiatives, along with rapid adoption of home care blood pressure monitoring devices, are anticipated to drive the blood pressure cuffs market during the forecast period (2019-2027).

Concerns over Hospital-acquired Infections Propel Demand for Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs

The demand for blood pressure cuffs is witnessing a significant growth worldwide, as high emphasis is being placed on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In the current scenario, hospitals, clinics, and other end users are exploring long-term cost benefits of disposable and reusable blood pressure cuffs. Despite having a low market share, in terms of value, disposable usage segment is gaining significant popularity. The disposable segment is projected to grow at a CAGR of ~9% during the forecast period in comparison to the anticipated ~6% growth of the reusable segment.

Reusable blood pressure cuffs are likely to retain the lead in terms of value, as they are easy to clean, durable, and identified as a cost-effective alternative. However, owing to mounting concerns and risk factors associated with reusable cuffs, the adoption of disposable blood pressure cuffs is increasing, particularly in operating rooms, intensive care units (ICU), and neonatal units wherein infection control is a major concern. By the end of 2027, disposable segment is expected to account for ~45% of the blood pressure cuffs market share, up from a 40% share in 2019.

Adoption of Manual and Automated Blood Pressure Cuffs

Manual blood pressure cuffs are expected to remain in high demand during the forecast period, as they are light in weight and cost-effective. The manual product type segment is expected to reach a total market value of ~US$ 149 Mn by 2027 and account for a share of ~52% of the total market. However, manual blood pressure monitoring devices are gradually losing popularity in the blood pressure cuffs market, as automated blood pressure monitoring devices continue to gain traction worldwide. The automated pressure cuffs are specifically designed for one-handed applications and are portable, thus, emerging as a convenient and easy-to-operate alternative. The automated segment of the blood pressure cuffs market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~8% during the forecast period, and by the end of 2027, this segment is likely to attain a value of ~US$ 140 Mn.

Companies operating in the blood pressure cuffs market are increasingly focusing on developing new products that comply with the guidelines laid down by the American Heart Association. For instance, in November 2018, SunTech launched the PLUS Cuffs that were primarily designed to fit different patient types such as bariatric patients. These newly developed cuffs were developed to enhance measurement reliability and minimize the inventory costs in hospitals. Omron, a Japanese health tech organization, introduced HeartGuide, a new blood pressure watch with the objective to help minimize the risk of stroke. The product is integrated with an inflatable cuff to accurately measure and record the blood pressure levels of the user.

Analysts’ Viewpoint

The blood pressure cuffs market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~8% during the forecast period. Significant rise in the number of initiatives to prevent strokes and other cardiovascular conditions will play an important role in boosting the adoption of automated blood pressure cuffs in the near future. Growing concerns over the use of reusable pressure cuffs will propel the demand for disposable cuffs, particularly in the second half of the forecast period. Companies in the blood pressure cuffs market landscape should focus on improving the accuracy of their products and expand their product range by introducing pressure cuffs of different sizes for a range of patients.

Blood Pressure Cuffs Market: Overview

The global blood pressure cuffs market was valued at ~US$ 149 Mn in 2018 and is projected to expand at a moderate CAGR from 2019 to 2027. Rise in hypertension condition, growing adult and pediatric patient pool, approval of new digital cuffs, and increase in self-diagnosis for managing hypertension condition, especially in developing markets, are anticipated to fuel the growth of the global blood pressure cuffs market.

Hypertension, also known as blood pressure, is a long-term medical condition in which the blood pressure in arteries becomes elevated in the patient. Hypertension condition is considered when the blood pressure reading is above 140/90 and is considered to be in severe condition is the reading is above 180/20. This is termed to be a lifestyle disease and with normal and healthy lifestyle, the blood pressure could be maintained the entire life.

Hypertension is considered to be a highly common disorder escalating drastically around the world. It is known as a ‘silent killer’ as it exhibits no signs or symptoms before diagnosis. Changing lifestyles, along with poor diet, lack of physical activity, alcohol consumption, and mental stress lead to a rise in blood pressure at an early stage, driving the need for blood pressure diagnostic devices. According to the WHO, in 2019, an estimated 1.13 billion people globally were suffering from the hypertension condition.

As per the CDC research in 2017, prevalence of hypertension in the U.S. is estimated to be 29% affecting around 103 million adults in the U.S. As per the American Heart Association (AHA) journal published in 2019, in Japan, 43 million people were suffering from hypertension and only half of the patients received treatment. This statistics supports that hypertension is a growing global burden and is, thus, likely to be addressed with robust awareness about managing the condition.

Launch of various neonatal & pediatric blood pressure cuffs is likely to offer various options available for this niche patient group. Several companies, such as GE Healthcare and Omron Healthcare provide a strong range of neonatal and pediatric blood pressure cuffs in various sizes. For instance, GE CRITIKON Neonatal blood pressure cuffs offer huge benefits, along with accurate reading and comfort. The material used in this product is vinyl with extra soft and absorbent material, and is economical for single use. As per the Newborn Services Clinical Guideline, hypertension is common among infants suffering from borderline personality disorder (BPD), or Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), or with other indications causing up to 9% of hypertension in infants.

Blood Pressure Cuffs Market: Segmentation

In terms of usage, the global blood pressure cuffs market has been categorized into reusable and disposable. The disposable segment is projected to grow at a rapid pace during the forecast period. Disposable cuffs are highly recommended due to their ability to avoid hospital-acquired infections. The reusable segment is likely to hold the highest market share, owing to its ability of multiple use. Hence, it is likely to be a cost-saver for hospitals and large institutions. Reusable blood pressure cuffs are made of nylon material, which is easy to clean. Thus, they are widely preferred over other cuffs.

Based on product type, the global blood pressure cuffs market has been divided into manual and automated. The manual cuffs segment accounted for the largest share of the blood pressure cuffs market in 2018. This can be attributed to inexpensive and portable design of manual cuffs, including aneroid ones, preference for non-invasive diagnostic and monitoring techniques by patients, and availability of BP cuffs in various sizes. However, automated segment is likely to grow at the highest pace, owing to advancements in technologies and difficulties associated with handling manual BP cuffs.

In terms of end user, the global blood pressure cuffs market has been classified into hospitals, clinics, personal use, and others. The hospitals segment dominated the global blood pressure cuffs market in 2018, owing to the introduction of technologically innovative modules in hospitals and favorable reimbursement policies.

 Blood Pressure Cuffs Market: Regional Segmentation

In terms of region, the global blood pressure cuffs market has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa

North America dominated the global blood pressure cuffs market in 2018, owing to the increase in prevalence of hypertension in the region. Rise in trend of self-diagnosis, technological advancements, high prevalence of hypertension, and investments by key players in R&D to incorporate multiple functional utilities in the devices are likely to boost the blood pressure cuffs market in the region.

The blood pressure cuffs market in Asia Pacific is anticipated to expand at a high CAGR during the forecast period, owing to the increase in prevalence of hypertension condition, fast adoption of automated blood pressure cuffs, and increase in patient population with blood pressure condition. Presence of key players in the region offering blood pressure cuffs of various sizes and customer-centric approach while designing of blood pressure cuffs have increased the adaptability of the population for technologically advanced products. In China, more than 200 million adults are estimated to be suffering from the hypertension condition.

The blood pressure cuffs market in Latin America and Middle East & Africa is likely to expand at a considerable CAGR, owing to increase in patient pool suffering from hypertension and focus on creating awareness about self-diagnosis and home care.

Blood Pressure Cuffs Market: Major Players

  • Key players operating in the global blood pressure cuffs market include
  • Omron Healthcare, Inc.
  • Cardinal Health, Inc.
  • Medline Industries, Inc.
  • GE Healthcare (General Electric Company)
  • SunTech Medical, Inc. (Halma Plc)
  • Welch Allyn, Inc. (Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc.)
  • Koninklijke Philips N.V.
  • American Diagnostic Corporation
  • Spengler SAS
  • Spacelabs Healthcare

These players are adopting organic and inorganic growth strategies to strengthen product portfolio. These companies have adopted strategies such as expanding their geographic footprint, collaborations & acquisitions, launching product boosting home care, investments in research & development activities, and manufacture of digital-based products in order to be competitive in the global blood pressure cuffs market.

Key Questions Answered in Global Blood Pressure Cuffs Market Report

  • What is the sales/revenue generated by blood pressure cuffs types across all the regions during the forecast period?
  • What are the key trends in the global blood pressure cuffs market?
  • What are the major drivers, restraints, and opportunities in the blood pressure cuffs market?
  • In which region is the blood pressure cuffs market expected to expand at the fastest CAGR during the forecast period?
  • Which segment will have the highest revenue globally in 2027 and which product will expand at the fastest CAGR during the forecast period?

Global Blood Pressure Cuffs Market – Segmentation


  • Reusable
  • Disposable

Product Type

  • Manual
  • Automated

End User

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Personal Use
  • Others


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa

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