Cannabidiol Market Size to Attain USD 35.96 Billion by 2033

The global cannabidiol market size accounted for USD 8.13 billion in 2023 and is predicted to hit around USD 35.96 billion by 2033 with a CAGR of 16.03% from 2024 to 2033.

Key Points

  • North America held the largest market share of 82% in 2023.
  • By source type, the hemp segment held the largest market share.
  • By sale type, the B2B segment holds the largest market share.
  • By end use, the pharmaceutical segment holds the largest market share.

Cannabidiol Market Size 2024 to 2033

The Cannabidiol (CBD) market has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by increasing consumer awareness of the potential health benefits of CBD products. CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant, known for its therapeutic properties without the psychoactive effects commonly associated with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The market for CBD products encompasses a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, wellness, food and beverages, cosmetics, and pet care. With the legalization of hemp-derived CBD in many countries and the growing acceptance of cannabis products for medical and recreational use, the CBD market is poised for continued expansion.

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Growth Factors

Several factors contribute to the rapid growth of the CBD market. Firstly, the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases such as arthritis, anxiety, and epilepsy has led consumers to seek alternative treatments, driving demand for CBD-based pharmaceuticals and wellness products. Additionally, the relaxation of regulatory restrictions in many regions has allowed for greater accessibility and distribution of CBD products, fueling market growth. Moreover, the growing trend towards natural and organic products has boosted the demand for CBD-infused goods, as consumers perceive them as safer alternatives to synthetic medications.

Region Insights:

The CBD market exhibits varying dynamics across different regions. In North America, particularly in the United States and Canada, the market is flourishing due to favorable regulatory frameworks and widespread acceptance of cannabis products. Europe is also experiencing significant growth, with countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, and Switzerland leading the way in CBD consumption and production. In Asia Pacific, the market is still in its nascent stage, but with evolving regulations and increasing awareness, the region holds immense potential for future growth. Latin America and Africa are emerging as key players in CBD cultivation, driven by favorable climatic conditions and growing investments in the cannabis industry.

Cannabidiol Market Scope

Report Coverage Details
Growth Rate from 2024 to 2033 CAGR of 16.03%
Global Market Size in 2023 USD 8.13 Billion
Global Market Size by 2033 USD 35.96 Billion
U.S. Market Size in 2023 USD 4 Billion
U.S. Market Size by 2033 USD 17.69 Billion
Base Year 2023
Forecast Period 2024 to 2033
Segments Covered By Source Type, By Sales Type, and By End-use
Regions Covered North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa

Cannabidiol Market Dynamics

Drivers: Several drivers propel the growth of the CBD market. One major driver is the increasing adoption of CBD for medical purposes, supported by mounting scientific evidence of its efficacy in treating various health conditions. Furthermore, the expanding legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational use in several countries has opened up new avenues for CBD products. The growing consumer preference for natural remedies and holistic healthcare solutions further drives demand for CBD-based products across diverse industries. Additionally, the proliferation of online retail channels and e-commerce platforms has facilitated easy access to CBD products, contributing to market growth.

Restraints: Despite its rapid growth, the CBD market faces several challenges that hinder its full potential. One significant restraint is the lack of standardized regulations governing the production, distribution, and labeling of CBD products, leading to inconsistencies in quality and safety standards. Additionally, the stigma associated with cannabis consumption persists in certain regions, limiting consumer acceptance and adoption of CBD products. Moreover, concerns regarding the potential side effects and long-term health impacts of CBD use have raised apprehensions among consumers and regulatory authorities, posing a challenge to market expansion.

Opportunities: Despite the challenges, the CBD market presents numerous opportunities for growth and innovation. The increasing research and development activities aimed at discovering new therapeutic applications of CBD offer promising prospects for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers. Furthermore, the expanding legalization of cannabis and regulatory reforms in various countries create favorable market conditions for the development of a diverse range of CBD products. The rising trend of incorporating CBD into wellness and beauty products opens up new market segments and consumer demographics, driving product diversification and revenue growth. Additionally, strategic partnerships and collaborations between industry players and research institutions can spur innovation and accelerate market expansion.

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Recent Developments

  • In January 2023, the NCL released a statement regarding the FDA’s decision on the CBD regulatory framework.
  • In February 2024, Avicanna reported a new supply and licensing agreement for two products.
  • In November 2022, PrograMetrix & WUNDERWORX launched a partnership to assist cannabis and CBD brands in achieving mainstream marketing success.
  • In November 2023, The CURE Brand expanded its cannabis wellness consumer products into Asia.
  • In February 2024, Curaleaf International acquired Can4Med, expanding its presence in Poland’s growing medical cannabis market.

Cannabidiol Market Companies

  • Cannoid, LLC
  • Medical Marijuana, Inc.
  • Folium Europe B.V.
  • Canopy Growth Corporation
  • Elixinol
  • NuLeaf Naturals, LLC
  • Isodiol International, Inc.
  • PharmaHemp
  • The Cronos Group

Segments Covered in the Report

By Source Type

  • Hemp
  • Marijuana

By Sales Type

  • B2B
    • By End-use
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Wellness
        • Food & Beverages
        • Personal Care & Cosmetics
        • Nutraceuticals
        • Others
  • B2C
    • By Sales Channel
      • Hospital Pharmacies
      • Online
      • Retail Stores

By End-use

  • Medical
    • Chronic Pain
    • Mental Disorders
    • Cancer
    • Others
  • Personal Use
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Wellness
    • Food & Beverages
    • Personal Care & Cosmetics
    • Nutraceuticals
    • Others

By Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa

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I have completed my education in Bachelors in Computer Application. A focused learner having a keen interest in the field of digital marketing, SEO, SMM, and Google Analytics enthusiastic to learn new things along with building leadership skills.

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