Our Team

1) Alice Cantor

Alice is a former New York reporter who focused on Healthcare IT, Technology, and Financial news. Also, she is a writer and public health researcher. She is the author of a 2016-17 book, she is also the recipient of numerous awards.

Email: alice@uswebwire.com

2) Christine Beyaert

Christine Beyaert is a writer at US Web Wire covering digital health, automotive, and worldwide news. She has covered health care and technology for her career, which included reporting for the San Diego Newspaper and the Kansas City Article. Originally from Colorado, she enjoys hiking, skiing, and watching KU basketball in her free time.

Email: christine@uswebwire.com

3) Jeff Plato

Jeff is a senior business reporter for US Web Wire. He previously held business reporting positions at US base News website. He earned an undergraduate degree in English literature. Jeff enjoys reading, watching the latest TV shows, and attending live theater in his spare time.

Email: jeff@uswebwire.com